The Vacuum

Art Direction, Copywriting, Visual Design, Animation

Instagram GIFs and Inspirational Assets

With a sharp increase in time spent working out at home, Tonal started to receive piles of user-generated content. They approached us to create a collection of searchable GIPHY Stickers that can be used by their community when creating their Instagram stories. Alongside the GIF assets, Tonal required a library of inspirational images and/or animations to be shared on the Tonal Instagram feed. The high-level goal of this project was to produce assets that would help elevate Tonal’s social presence with a fun and premium feel. 

Introducing Motion Brand Pillars

Being on-brief and on-brand is our goal with every project. Tonal has an extensive set of brand guidelines to work from, however, one thing that was missing was a set of rules for working with motion. The Vacuum team saw this as an opportunity to introduce three motion brand pillars; Energy, Resistance, and Digital. These new pillars helped to ensure that all motion design for Tonal was consistent and on-brand. 

Latinx Heritage Month

Latinx Heritage Month celebrated diversity and cultural strength, and Tonal wanted social assets to honour this effort, as well as put a spotlight on Tonal’s Latinx coaches and their unique backgrounds. We built out a series of Instagram feed, Instagram story and Facebook assets that put the Tonal coaches in the spotlight, and encouraged the Tonal community to learn more about Latinx culture. 

Strength Sessions

Tonal’s high-quality content has secured their place as a leader in the fitness space. We worked with them to create and name Strength Sessions: a short-form series for Instagram and other social channels that introduces Tonal Coaches and other Tonal experts, and positions Tonal as the go-to resource for all things strength training.