The Vacuum


Photo: Jamie Finlayson

Rhino Skin Solutions

Rhino is a range of products for the surprisingly complicated art of skin maintenance for climbers. Rhino has a handful of products to address different needs and skin types, with people typically using multiple products. One pain point was the all-too-common scenario of having 3 bottles at home sitting on the shelf next to one another, and not knowing which one to reach for—their packaging pretty much all looked the same. We needed a way to make their bottles recognizable as part of the Rhino family, but at the same time easily identifiable as a unique product within that family. 
To help communicate when to use their products, we conceived and created the ‘Usage Cycle’, a chart which shows the cycle climbers’ skin goes through from climbing (where it gets wrecked), to recovering from climbing, and preparing for the next climbing day. The chart is colour coded to the product lineup and used in places like Point of Purchase as a quick visual reference.
"Vacuum helped me consolidate my vision of the products and pared down the presentation to the essential. Before my product looked like children's candy, now I would be, and am, proud to have it on shelves around the globe."

Justin Brown, Owner, Rhino Skin Solutions