The Vacuum


Photo: Mattias Fredriksson

We don’t have all the answers, but we like to think we’re pretty good at asking the right questions.

Vacuum is a digital agency with smarts and soul. We work as one team with our clients to bring branding and interactive projects to life, from a foundation of thoughtful strategy.  Our creative bread and peanut butter consists of strategy, branding, UX, content, design, and development. Our sweet spot is the intersection of brand, strategy and digital. 
We’re fortunate to work with a broad suite of clients, from heavy-hitting brands like Tonal and Fitbit, to outdoor industry leaders like Arc’teryx, to scrappy creative startups. On all projects, large or small, we pride ourselves on the consistency and continuity we bring from start to finish.

We take our work very seriously, and ourselves lightly.

We value openness and honesty, and you won’t find any egos or attitudes here. We collaborate closely with our clients to produce thoughtful work that delivers long-lasting, measurable results. 
We’re a friendly group of Canadians that (mostly) reside in British Columbia, and work globally.
“Vacuum has been a tightly integrated part of our team, delivering impactful insight, keen expertise, and impressive design. We count on them, and they deliver.”

Andrew Simpson, Brand Director, Klue

“Vacuum never disappoints. They consistently provide quality creative work and they thrive under tight deadlines. They’ve gone the extra mile to learn our brand and product which feeds directly into their strategic design process.”

Rich Krolikowski, Growth Marketing Manager, eComm - Tonal

"Vacuum presented us a tight, integrated seasonal strategy that, frankly, blew us away in its scope, covering not only what we expected, but enlightened us on new ways to reach the consumer. It was inspiring to be shown not just creative messaging, but also how to creatively deliver that message in ways that we would never have thought of. Vacuum knows how to think!"

Tom Duguid, Creative Director, Arc'teryx

"I had the pleasure of working with The Vacuum on a number of projects over a couple of years and was blown away every time. No matter how much chaos we threw at them, they came up with simple, intuitive and powerful results. Working with them felt more like being on the same team than working with an agency. Not only are they talented at what they do, they're wonderful people who you'll genuinely enjoy working with."

Katherine Arnett, Brand Marketing Manager, Fitbit

"Vacuum asks you the right questions to understand your business concept then transforms that information into the exact story, the exact image, the exact message you were searching for."

Linda Parker, Co-Founder, Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse