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Ride Aligned Brand Development

In order to evolve their bike technology, the Norco Bicycles team paired thoughtful design with exhaustive research into fit, geometry, suspension and bike setup. Their hard work has led to an industry-leading shift in design philosophy, and to the release of some drool-inducing mountain bike models for 2020. 
We were tasked with taking this complex research and design story and creating a brand around these efforts. A brand that would serve to communicate the overall design philosophy, and call out the unique shifts in technology that the Norco team has introduced.
The Vacuum team started this process with numerous interviews with key project stakeholders, as well as spending time on some sweet Squamish singletrack testing out the not-yet-released 2020 bikes (a nice perk of the job). This process informed the Brand Strategy work, which led to the creation and naming of the leading brand to communicate the larger design story: Ride Aligned™.
Once the high-level strategy was in place, we developed the Ride Aligned™ logo, the copywriting for the launch materials, and wireframed and designed the Ride Aligned™ landing page.
Coinciding with the Ride Aligned™ introduction were launches for the Optic and Sight models, two key high-end platforms for Norco. We developed taglines for both (Science of Send & Find Focus), the result of in-depth campaign concepting work. This campaign work served to direct copy, graphic design and video production internally at Norco.
Vacuum’s strategic and creative services helped Norco launch one of our largest, most successful marketing initiatives in recent memory. Following each project’s introductory meeting, they quickly and thoughtfully established the key messages and strategies, devised execution plans, and provided inspiring, on-brand creative assets. Their team worked seamlessly in tandem with our in-house marketing talent to maximize the impact of each project and meet strict deadlines – which was especially impressive, given the weight of these particular projects, and the short timeframe we had to work within.

Peter Falk, VP Marketing