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Website Redesign

Tonal Website

The main offering of San-Francisco based company, Tonal, is a digital weight machine with personal training built into the smart user interface. This fitness-tech start-up has been generating a significant amount of buzz around their product, and Vacuum is very excited to be in an on-going web design partnership with this brand. 
Working from a legacy design, we’ve been working with Tonal in an iterative process. Business requirements of this fast-growing company dictate website elements that require attention, and then we work with the Tonal team to create design solutions that help meet those business and marketing goals.
With product demos being an important part of the Tonal sales process, we considered UX from a event-based, as well as digital, perspective. An interesting design challenge was creating a compelling user flow that allowed visitors to easily sign up for product demo events, while learning more about the product itself.