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Fitbit Step It Up!

The Step It Up! Challenge was the evolution of the very successful FitForGood campaign. The goal with Step It Up! was to create an inclusive campaign, one that could be experienced by all, not just those with a Fitbit device. We were lucky to have the support from (then) US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, as well as a mid-campaign shout-out from (then) First Lady Michelle Obama (no biggie, right?).
Introducing users that were outside the Fitbit community and registering their steps to the campaign meant a significant development challenge, from a concepting and back-end standpoint. The other major challenge was introducing ways to incentivize participants to sign up (the $1 Million donation carrot from the previous Fitforgood campaign wasn’t available). We significantly expanded the platform, introducing team functionality, which included sign-up, chat and daily challenges with other teams. Users could review their team rankings, as well as their individual rankings in terms of total steps taken.
We eclipsed the campaign goal of 500K users, registering 615,390 in total. We were able to incorporate and promote the Surgeon General in several ways: with an entertaining pre campaign video, a “SG vs me” tile (during and post campaign) and a social share featuring the SG vs the MLB Commissioner.
We also had a few big dev wins: we created a process to manage user-generated content and successfully linked in Fitbit Customer Service into that for during-campaign support. We also built out infrastructure that was able to support such a large campaign and multi-layered web app. The most notable test to the system was a rush after a large Fitbit in-app notification that led to 85,000 sign ups in 2 hours, resulting in 1.3 million requests in one hour (including 13,000 concurrent users) with avg latency of 109ms.