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Escape Route

Escape Route is an outdoor retailer with locations in Whistler and Squamish, in the heart of the Coast Mountains of British Columbia. The staff at these stores don’t just sell the product on the shelves, they use it everyday. These are the folks that are crushing the local climbing test-pieces, shredding powder before work and exploring the remote waterways of the Sea to Sky area.
We needed to build a robust e-commerce site that not only highlighted all the products Escape Route sells, but also communicated the innate expertise of the staff. The website allows Escape Route employees and ambassadors to tell their stories and also links stories and staff reviews to specific product categories.
The website is driven by WordPress, using the Shopify e-commerce platform. A unique challenge in development was linking up the retail store’s inventory with the ecomm inventory, allowing for real time updates to both. This was achieved by using Accumula software, connecting Escape Route’s Lightspeed POS with our Shopify ecommerce.
The result of all this work is a website that works to create and foster the outdoor community that Escape Route is an integral part of, communicate the staff’s expertise in the gear they use and sell, and showcase amazing products from the multitude of high-end vendors Escape Route partners with.