The Vacuum

Wireframes/UX, Design, Development, Animation

Fitbit – OS Microsite

When Fitbit was looking to launch their new operating system (OS) for their Ionic and Versa devices, they turned to us to design and develop an interactive, mobile-first webpage. The page had to include an overview of FitbitOS, show core device navigation examples, highlight notification features and promote featured first-party apps.
Wireframes and UX focused on these in-page animations and the ability to tell the OS story. This strategy allowed us to create a clean, on-brand design that clearly communicated the key features of the OS and the devices to the user.
Alongside design, we were also tasked with creating all the animations needed for the page. A unique challenge was building animations that directly mimicked the actual UX of the devices, down to the most minute detail, in order to accurately tell the story of the device experience. Alongside the in-device animations were a number of compelling on-page animated elements that supported the OS story.
Front-end development was challenged with the task of overlaying these animations into the responsive design, and ensuring they played nicely with each other. Once this was achieved, we were able to deliver a webpage that met all objectives in a compelling and interactive fashion.