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Sea to Sky Air Rebrand

Sea to Sky Air is a locally-owned air tourism company. Their mission is for locals and visitors to leave their flight experience feeling connected, renewed, hopeful, inspired, and amazed. 
The team at Sea to Sky Air was motivated and ready for a big brand shakeup, to help reinforce their commitment to their mission, and further strengthen their efforts towards growing a sustainable and impactful company. 
To facilitate these efforts, Vacuum ran an intensive one-day Identity Exploration (IdEx) workshop with all key stakeholders, with the goal of developing a set of key messages that would serve to direct all marketing endeavors moving forward. The workshop consisted of exercises developed to refine the company’s vision: who we are, why we’re here, and who are we talking to. With the findings gleaned from this impactful workshop, Vacuum was able to develop a detailed findings document, which included the key messages.
Mockups Design
This initial brand strategy helped direct the development of a brand new logo and brand guidelines for Sea to Sky Air. The strategy also dictated much of our User Experience (UX) work as we dug into the design of the new website. This UX work focused on the personas (who we’re talking to) that were developed during the IdEx workshop. This strategic approach to web design allows us to build user flows that communicate directly to the specific customers of the business.
Once the UX work was in place, we built out wireframes, designed the responsive website, and developed it to launch. Easy, right? Not exactly, but a whole lot easier with all that initial strategy work in place. A fun challenge on this project was to seamlessly integrate their booking software (Fareharbour) into the web design. We had fun creating a simple User Flow that took the user through from discovery through to booking.
A fun project with a very engaged, motivated client! We look forward to seeing this brand grow and develop. We also recommend checking them out, a scenic flight tour is an amazing way to experience the beauty of the Sea to Sky Region. Check out the website here
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"We needed a team who could build for speed and search engines, without sacrificing storytelling and customer experience. The Vacuum's passion and dedication matched with creativity, genuine user empathy and technical knowledge is a rare and priceless combination."

Victoria Wood, Digital Marketing Manager