The Vacuum

Website Design & Development

Whitecap Alpine

The goals with the Whitecap website were to create a simple platform to communicate the various experiences offered, develop a straightforward way for people to book trips and then help clients prepare and become educated on the trips they were signed up for.
The simple approach was a challenge considering Whitecap’s variety of trips, including year-round lodge based experiences and guided ski adventures all over the world. As the global trips change from year to year, we built the site on WordPress, with a customized Content Management System (CMS), giving the client freedom to change and update the trips as they wish.

We’ve had the privilege of skiing up at the lodge and understood the importance of communicating the unique Whitecap vibe through the website. Extra attention was focused on the ‘Experience’ page; a place where users can peruse entertaining blog posts, see the latest Insta-bangers, get tips from the guides and even check the weather for their upcoming trip.