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PubNub Web Strategy and Design

PubNub is a global Data Stream Network (DSN) and realtime infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) company based in San Francisco. PubNub’s primary product is a real-time publish/subscribe messaging API built on its global data stream network. The network currently serves over 300 million devices and streams more than 1.4 trillion messages per month.
We started work with PubNub in May 2019, with a small web design project focusing on their blog. Using existing brand guidelines, but with the license to further develop the look and feel, we re-designed the blog landing page and the blog posts themselves.
Next, we tackled a full-scale UX discovery project. PubNub’s technology allows for many different use cases for their consumers, and a number of different solutions the company needs to communicate. Our goal was to make this complicated array of solutions easy to communicate to the people who are purchasing and using the service. 
The objective of this discovery phase was to develop an understanding of the business goals and brand vision, as well as user needs. This target was achieved through numerous stakeholder interviews, an on-site user needs workshop, and a complete audit of the existing website in order to evaluate the current content.
The outcome of this new understanding was an in-depth analysis of the current vs ideal user experience, detailed user scenarios, and a new site map by way of the content analysis. We then took this fresh UX strategy and applied it to wireframes and page design in order to communicate one of PubNub’s main solutions: Because of this discovery work, any future business or design decision will have a strong user experience strategy behind it.