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Kalesnikoff Website

We worked with Kalesnikoff to build a website to showcase their new state-of-the-art Mass Timber facility and capabilities. A big part of the strategy and branding of this project was moving the narrative away from ingrained misconceptions of “logging companies”. Kalesnikoff is no old-school sawmill: they are leading the industry when it comes to sustainable forestry. They handle everything from planting the seedlings to managing their forests to the creation of world-class products, controlling every step of the process. A significant communication and design challenge for us on this project was to tell that story of integration correctly. Working with Tamarack Media Co, we led art direction on the creation of all visual assets for the new website.


We quickly defined our main customers and their needs, which allowed us to determine the required content for the site and informed our information architecture. The new Kalesnikoff website focuses on speaking to Architects, Structural Engineers, General Contractors, and Developers. Their customer needs range from inspiring photos & videos of mass timber solutions to technical documentation.

Seedlings to Solutions

Kalesnikoff’s sustainable and fully integrated approach is its key differentiator. By controlling everything from the planting of the seedlings to the production of their mass timber products they can offer superior design-assist services and produce a premium product, all while preserving the forest for future generations. The following points were chosen to tell that story on the site: Forest, Sawmill Facility, Mass Timber Facility, Products, and Solutions.

Web Development

Kalesnikoff provides plenty of content in the form of blog articles, resources, product specs, and forest stewardship programs. We developed a robust custom WordPress-based CMS that would allow the client to be constantly updating this content on their own, setting them up with a framework for a successful & content-rich site. Check it out here
"When launching our state-of-the-art mass timber expansion, we needed a website that communicated our core as forest stewards who deliver world-class timber projects. The Vacuum team did a great job listening and leveraging their knowledge & creativity to deliver us a visually appealing website that speaks clearly to our audience."

Mitch Warren, Sales and Marketing Lead