The Vacuum

Vacuum Clients Doing Good

We don’t need to tell you that it’s tough times out there these days. “Business as usual” has been turned on its head, and it’s a challenge for a lot of businesses. With these challenges come opportunities, however. We’re inspired by our open-minded clients who have taken these opportunities to pivot their businesses while supporting their customer bases and communities. 
With personal hygiene critical to helping “flatten the curve”, it’s near impossible to find hand sanitizing products on the shelves at your local store. Rhino Skin Solutions, a client based in Bend, OR, recognized this need, pivoted, and is producing hand sanitizer spray, using label templates we designed previously. Rhino traditionally serves the rock climbing community with skincare solutions, now they have their product featured front and centre in their local Whole Foods.
Stay at home orders have shaken up the business model of our ongoing client Maths — No Problem! more than most. They create learning products for Primary aged school children, primarily in the UK and New Zealand. With schools out and kids at home, Maths — No Problem! was in a tough spot and had to pivot quickly. We worked with their team to develop an online hub for the parents of children enrolled in Maths — No Problem! subscriber schools. The objective of this hub was to develop an extension of the curriculum to the homeschooling environment, supporting parents through the process of teaching their children from the kitchen table.
We also created a resource page for all parents, whether they were integrated into the Maths — No Problem! curriculum or not. The School at Home page serves as a support tool & activity guide for all parents facing the difficult challenges of teaching their children from home. Both the Parent Guides and the School at Home resources have been very appreciated by parents and teachers alike and support the award winning maths mastery program.
Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse, our brewery client in Terrace, BC, found themselves with kegs and kegs of fresh beer, and nowhere to sell it. With restaurants closed, bars shut down, and their own tasting room shuttered, the beer was bound for the drain. Not only was their supply chain severely reduced, but they had a lot of customers with some unexpected quarantine time on their hands, no beer to enjoy it with. Sherwood quickly pivoted and built out a home delivery program, getting beer into the hands of thankful customers, and allowing the brewery to continue to do what they do best, brew delicious beer. Now that’s a client doing good story we can drink to!