The Vacuum

Out of Office: Our Work Outside

Photo: Matt Enlow

We Like Playing Outside

“Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. It’s a cheesy saying, to be sure, but quite appropriate when referencing the outdoor industry work we’ve been lucky enough to do here at Vacuum.
Working with clients in the outdoor industry hits a bunch of the right buttons for us. The industry’s full of passionate, committed folks full of good energy — people we like hanging out with. We love sitting in on a meeting where our client is as fired up to talk about their weekend climbing trip as they are about the upcoming product launch we’re brainstorming about.
Not only do we enjoy our client relationships, but the work itself is engaging and varied.  We might be helping to design next year’s product graphics and packaging. We could be developing a creative strategy for product launches, or developing new web platforms to allow the client to build their business, book clients, or sell more gear.
It’s not all in-office work for outdoor brands. We feel as comfortable pushing pixels for a client as we do hanging out an open helicopter door, or wallowing in waist-deep snow capturing film images for partners like Sherpas Cinema or the National Film Board. 
We love this work because the outdoors is where we spend our free time. It’s ingrained in the DNA of Vacuum employees, as well as our business. There’s a reason we’re based in Squamish, BC, arguably the adventure sports capital of Canada. Our Creative Director climbs the lofty granite walls of the Chief. Designers and developers take advantage of early morning powder laps in Whistler and shred singletrack after work in the summer. Heck, our Managing Director moonlights as a certified backcountry ski guide, touring guests on wild Coast Mountain glaciers and summits.
Combining our love and respect for the outdoor environment with our well-honed creative strategy, design, and development chops gives us a unique perspective on the outdoor industry. We speak to a core, committed, authentic audience using strategic tactics that benefit our clients in a multitude of ways and we have a lot of fun in the process!
"Vacuum presented us a tight, integrated seasonal strategy that, frankly, blew us away in its scope, covering not only what we expected, but enlightened us on new ways to reach the consumer. It was inspiring to be shown not just creative messaging, but also how to creatively deliver that message in ways that we would never have thought of. Vacuum knows how to think!"

Tom Duguid, Creative Director, Arc'teryx